We are a full-service creative agency providing integrated brand development solutions. Our projects cover a broad spectrum, from brand identity development, UX web design & build, commercial interior design and project management. We work with a diverse range of clients across numerous industry sectors developing effective and practical solutions.

Our work is influenced by on-going creative and market research allowing us to deliver fully optimised solutions delivered within deadline and budget. Our services vary but we provide a fully integrated result.


Our approach is highly inclusive, making sure that the client is never left out of the process and that the end result is right for our client’s business or brand requirements.

Our philosophy is simple, to anticipate!, At Medusa, we not only deliver a service, but we endeavor to anticipate the needs of our clients and their business requirements and to deliver the highest quality service.

Brand Strategy

We find out what makes a brand unique, learn about that particular industry, our clients needs, customers and competitors. Then we’ll develop a strong engaging brand communications strategy, goal and vision.

Brand Identity

From our market research and understanding we can then proceed with the process of developing a versatile visual and verbal brand identity, guidelines & digital communications, which will work effectively at roll out stage across all brand communications.

The look &  feel

We develop a unique and memorable visual language helping your brand deliver values and vision. Designed to stick in the subconscious of the audience’s mind, the visual ‘look & feel’ is the amalgamation of typography, colour, graphic elements and imagery allowing a brand to communicate its new language and vision.

The roll out

Once we have a working identity – it will be ready to venture out across the print & digital jungle; Websites, Apps, Software, Stationery, Brochures, Signage, Interiors & Advertising amongst others. Improving brand awareness is an ongoing process as no audience or market remains the same.

Welcome to Medusa Creative