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Typography is an “art” in and of itself

To come across a new font that stands out from the humdrum hard working font crowd is like getting a new outfit, As soon as I get it I can’t wait to find an occasion to wear it and show it off…



A truly superb ‘organic’ logo design

The birth and history of a logo can be very intriguing the longer the lifespan of a logo. There are so many theories of time and allocation of time and within this gaugmire, There is a theory that given a short or long allocation or time a creative mind will come up with the same result as the mind will adapt to its given deadline and operate at a higher frequency.



Olympic brand identities, love or hate?

Olympic brands, love or hate?

‘Inspire a Generation’ was revealed as the official motto for the London Olympics 2012. But the brand identity has not inspired all, to the extend that shortly after the emblem was unveiled, a Change the London 2012 Logo petition was set up on Will it grow on us in time?READ MORE

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