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What makes a logo successful in a challenging market place is not an accident. It’s one of the most important aspects of a company’s commercial brand visual entity. This creative icon represents your brand in every way everywhere.

Successful logos may look simple but there’s much more to its journey of creation. When it comes to designing a logo, there is psychology to each aspect of its composition. Our subconscious minds respond extensively to how a logo represents a brand or company. Colours and shapes provoke emotions, such as feeling a sense of trust, strength, love, aspiration and admiration. The implications of fonts also extend to whether a Sans Serif or Serif font portrays the required message.

Our experience in branding principles and best practices in creating iconic logos enables companies differentiate themselves through a professional strategically developed logo that not only looks premium but will communicate effectively to target audiences.

Our design process at Medusa aims to create logos that are immediately recognizable, inspiring trustworthy, loyal with an understated superiority. Before we commence any designs, we review and understand our clients’ corporate values, mission statement, target audience, competitors and enlist values and attributes that their logo should convey.

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