A truly superb ‘organic’ logo design

The birth and history of a logo can be very intriguing the longer the lifespan of a logo. There are so many theories of time and allocation of time and within this gaugmire, There is a theory that given a short or long allocation or time a creative mind will come up with the same result as the mind will adapt to its given deadline and operate at a higher frequency.

Some of the best brand Identities have been developed when the mind has had no time for external influences. Once such logo is for Bella Freud Bella Freud one of the many daughters of enigmatic Lucian Freud. When asked my his daughter at the breakfast table if he had any ideas for a logo for her new clothes line. He sat with his sketch book at the table for around 20 minutes came up with a sketch of their pet Dog Pluto with his tongue hanging out and her name scribbled underneath.

She is the daughter of Bernardine Coverley and artist Lucian Freud and great granddaughter of the inventor of psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud.

Freud started working for Vivienne Westwood during the 1980s before setting up her own design company. She also undertook consultancy work for the British fashion company Jaeger during the 1990s. She has been responsible for the relaunch and revamp of fashion house Biba. It was in 1989 that Freud decided the time was right to launch her own label—a move many thought was foolhardy—with Britain in the midst of recession.

Bella Freud is known for her whimsical designs which include somewhat kitschy elements, colorful knitwear, and modern tailoring. Essentially, her designs are recognizably British, but as one of Freud’s friends described, “Chanel gone kinky.” Bella, the great-granddaughter of psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud and the daughter of painter Lucien Freud (who designed her logo), is now part of the London fashion establishment.
Freud’s designs are an interesting combination of tailored pieces which have a somewhat prim air about them, teamed with short skirts and ultra-high-heeled shoes—blending an air of innocence with provocative appeal.

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